About us

  • World Wide MG Importing Group, ltd. (hereinafter MGISPORT) is a company dedicated to the sale of accessories and spare parts of vehicles.
  • MGISPORT is registered in the Mercantile Register of Las Palmas, Volume 1929, Book 0, folio 111, sheet GC-42052, inscription 4.
  • MGISPORT CIF B35999473, is a society to effects zip in SUITABLE 9009 C. P. 35080 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, and is now in charge of the exploitation, management and operation of the web site www.MGISPORT.com


For any question, you can use our contact form by clicking HERE
You can also use:

1.- Our Online Chat. Located in the bottom right.

2.- Instant messengers WhatsApp, or Line number 644 250573

Many people ask us for a phone contact.
The answer is that if we have a contact telephone number, but we do not give phone support for any issue related to the Online store, the reasons:
1.- There is a telephone for queries or information for the Online store, and given the great demand, we would have to have one or more persons exclusively to cater to these calls, which influiria negatively on the price of the items.
2.- Many times the questions that make us the customers require a check or search of information that can't be done in the same call, which duplicates the work.
3.- To be a trade Online and not having physical contact with the client experience tells us that it is the best record of all communications in writing. As the saying oh The words are gone with the wind!

In short MGISPORT.COM it is a shop purely online, and as such we use the most of all the technologies that the internet offers us. We have a contact form that is answered in a very short space of time. In this way everything is recorded and there is no possibility of confusion.

From 2008, we are an Online store, with this experience we can clearly say that our system contact using tickets it is an ideal system for any type of query, because whenever you will be attended by the person in charge of the department to which it is addressed the query.
Given that all the necessary information is on the web, that are not addressed orders by phone and our contact form is answered quickly, we do not believe it necessary to use the phone.

Before having the ticket system and because of the vast amount of visits that we receive daily, it was very easy for our phone colapsase, to make all sorts of issues, which are all explained on the web. To meet these calls required of staff, which would drive up costs, and therefore would have an impact on the prices of the products or after-sales service worst. We may also have fewer staff, and address wrong on the phone, as is customary in most companies, but we prefer to do things right and avoid to do them well you need to over-spending.

To summarise from this that the existence of such a phone to customer care for support of the online store would lead to more harm to the customer who benefits, because that adds nothing that can not be replaced by the contact form and if that would influence the final price, or, in his absence, in an after-sales service mediocre.

However you if you need to contact us exclusively by phone, you can do so in the 902955677